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The craving at the heart of this impulse is so fundamental, the Buddha identifies it in the Second Noble Truth as the cause of suffering. Almost all the difficulties we face, both personally and collectively, are rooted in the fact that we are choosing to define ourselves as the owners of our experience and all that flows from it. Radha is being shown that this is just a choice that one makes, and that an alternative attitude is possible.

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  • This does not make the aggregates disappear, any more than a child scattering her creation makes the sand cease to exist. In fact, nothing in the external world has changed one bit.

    The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Castles Made Of Sand: Behind The Scenes

    The difference between suffering and the end of suffering lies entirely in an internal adjustment of our attitudes. This has wider implications as well, pointing to a second lesson of the sand castles.

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    Much of Western religious and philosophical endeavor discounts personal experience as unreliable and has thus focused on discovering the truth that lies behind appearances. Buddhist thought, by contrast, has been distrustful of the idea of objective truth and has been more concerned with investigating the process of experience itself.

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    • These observations have led to the insight, consistent with recent postmodern approaches to many subjects, that meaning is something created rather than discovered. If this is correct—that value is constructed by people rather than given by nature—then the world we inhabit is a reflection of the quality of our own minds. When greed, hatred, and delusion are shaping the intentions, the actions, and the dispositions of human beings, then the world they create will reflect these attitudes.

      The dominant economic model might be based on controlled mutual exploitation, an excessive focus may be placed upon building and deploying systems of violent destruction, and the deliberate distortion of information could become commonplace. What if it were different from this? What if the central organizing principles of our creations were generosity, kindness, and wisdom? Down the street you can hear her scream "you're a disgrace" As she slams the door in his drunken face And now he stands outside and all the neighbors start to gossip and drool.

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      He cries "oh girl, you must be mad What happened to the sweet love you and me had? A little Indian brave who before he was ten, played war game sin The woods with his Indian friends, and he built a dream that when he Grew up, he would be a fearless warrior Indian Chief. Many moons passed and more the dream grew strong, until tomorrow He would sing his first war song And fight his first battle, but something went wrong Surprise attack killed him in his sleep that night.

      There was a young girl, whose heart was a frown Because she was crippled for life, and couldn't speak a sound And she wished and prayed she would stop living, so she decided to die She drove her wheel chair to the edge of the shore, and to her legs she smiled. You won't hurt me no more But then a sight she'd never seen made her jump and say Look, a golden winged ship is passing my way And it really didn't have to stop, it just kept on going And so castles made of sand slips into the sea Eventually.

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      And so castles made of sand melts into the sea, eventualy. There was young girl whose heart was frown 'cause she was cripped for life and she couldn't speak a sound, and she wished and prayed she could stop livin', so she decided to die. She drew her wheel-chair to the edge of the shore and to her legs she smiled "You won't hurt me no more" But then a sight she'd never seen made her jump and say "Look, a Golden Winged ship is passing my way".

      Castles Made Of Sand Castles Made Of Sand
      Castles Made Of Sand Castles Made Of Sand
      Castles Made Of Sand Castles Made Of Sand
      Castles Made Of Sand Castles Made Of Sand
      Castles Made Of Sand Castles Made Of Sand
      Castles Made Of Sand Castles Made Of Sand
      Castles Made Of Sand Castles Made Of Sand
      Castles Made Of Sand Castles Made Of Sand
      Castles Made Of Sand Castles Made Of Sand

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