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During full dress inspections with medals, he wore what had to be the minimum, but what stood out was his War Patrol pin.

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During one of our ORI trips to Gitmo, we had been at the war game stuff for about days, seemed like 8 months. You remember them Summertime, water injection temps in the 80's, Hot as hell in every compartment. Submerged for about 20 hours.

The last two of which, we rigged for silent running. No AC, no refrigeration, no lights except emergency lighting.

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I was sitting in the mess hall on some damage control party waiting to spring into action. There I was, bitching loud enough for everyone to hear. About the smelly, rotten conditions we lived in. Sweat all over the place, even in the sonarshack. The fetid air, what there was of it was too thin to light a cigarette.


The icebox was melting and the water was sloshing around the after battery. Miserable conditions. God was also in the the mess hall and he said loud enough for everyone to hear,.

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You're acting like you're the only one going through this. When I made the round of the brigs, he would welcome me back with that little smile of his and ask me if I was gonna stick around for a while this time. The worse thing he ever said to me after one of my many fuckups, was,. That hurt and I always vowed to try to get back in his good graces. Relentlessly pursued the work list spending countless hours cover down for watches and being the extra hand during almost any working party.

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He speeds up every project he is attached to. He has my recommendation for advancement and retention. Stands Generator Operator and DCC Supervisor, normally a petty officer's watch and ensures Junior watch stations complete rounds and train for higher qualifications, keeping our watch bills full and flexible with 0 preventable causalities.

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Handpicked after 15 days prior to Ready 7 as a new watch stander for engine op to run some of the most complicated checks to show to inspectors and allowed the ship to pass with the highest per INSURV grade any ship in Sasebo received. Quickly adjusts to different work environments. Being assigned to the paint team for Ready 7, he contributed greatly to getting the whole second deck and bulk heads painted in less than a month.

Spent many off-duty hours learning about his next watch station allowing the watch bill to stay full and flexible.

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With his technical knowledge in EM01, he completed over PMS checks leading us to a triumphant success in the 3M 1. He looks ahead to the jobs that will be needed and parts that we need to be mission ready and puts them on order.

In each instance an alternative course date will be offered to you if available. There are two stages involved the Diesel Engineman Courses. Diesel Engineman Course Stage 1 dates are listed below:. During trips you will drive one way and be the second man for the other; riding in the Guards Van when not on the footplate. Maximum of four participants for each course. This course will be slightly more challenging.

yuzu-washoku.com/components/2020-02-23/1061.php Due to the nature of this course, you may only purchase this course if a stage 1 has been completed within the last 3 years. Book Tickets. Dates No dates for this event are available at the moment.

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