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The goal of your sanctification is to be conformed to Christ, and such conformity in turn brings glory to God. The ultimate purpose of sanctification, then, is the glory and good pleasure of God. What is sanctification? It is far more than doing the things required and avoiding the things forbidden by biblical morality or the moral law. Certainly I do not want to deny that it is anything less than this. But it is far more.

What is Sanctification? - Philippians | Monergism

And what is the "far more" according to our text? It is the development within us of the very mind of Christ. We are not truly becoming transformed into the image of Christ if we are simply sinning less. Conformity to the image of Christ means that we begin to think the way Christ did, that we clothe ourselves with humility as Christ did, that we lay aside our own rights as legitimate as they may be, and that we thus stop being self-centered and instead look out for the interests of others in Christ-like service and love.

  • The Acts (22) - ‘The Principles of Concentration and Sanctification’.
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  • The Acts (22) - ‘The Principles of Concentration and Sanctification’;

Since the development of a Christ-like character is so important, I would like to give you some practical guidelines to help you in this area. First, as we sang in the song, "Take time to be holy," we must spend much time with the Lord in prayer. When you pray, you will of course address your heavenly Father as our Lord taught us to do.

But you should also address the second person of the Godhead. Paul did so when he prayed to his Lord to remove the thorn in his flesh.

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  6. As you address Christ as your Lord, tell him that you want to become like him. Ask him to show you more of his character and to work that character in your heart. You cannot expect to become more like Christ unless you have a personal relationship with Christ. In addition to making your prayers Christ-centered, you should also make your Bible reading Christ-centered.

    Meditate upon the person of Christ as revealed in Scripture, especially in the four gospels. Do not merely read the Bible for information and theological knowledge. Feed upon the word in the inward man. Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly. A third application is to be on the lookout for Christians in whom you see the character of Christ.

    When you find such Christians, imitate those aspects of their conduct which most clearly radiate Christ. Finally, learn from your trials and tribulations. This is perhaps the most important factor in becoming more like Christ. When God brings trials and tribulations into our lives, God is giving us an opportunity to grow in Christ-likeness. Our first reaction to trials is usually self-pity. And if we allow self-pity to fester, it can eventually turn into anger against God. But if we respond in this fleshly way, we will be squandering blessed opportunities to become more Christ-like.

    Every trial is an opportunity to let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus. Every trial is an opportunity to submit your will to God's will, to turn away from your self-centered way of thinking, and to be an obedient bond-servant like Christ. If we do these things, then biblical morality will naturally follow. A Christ-like person is not likely to be the kind of person who is committing murder and adultery in his heart, or who has a low regard for the sanctity of truth and the good name of others. What, then, is sanctification? The principle is love, the pattern is Christ, the power is the Spirit, and the ultimate purpose is the glory of God.

    Skip to main content. Search the Directory of Theology. What is Sanctification? A sermon by Lee Irons on Philippians The principle of sanctification is love vv. The pattern of sanctification is Christ vv. The power of sanctification is the Spirit v. The ultimate purpose of sanctification is the glory of God v.

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    Principles of Sanctification

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    Principles of Sanctification Principles of Sanctification
    Principles of Sanctification Principles of Sanctification
    Principles of Sanctification Principles of Sanctification
    Principles of Sanctification Principles of Sanctification
    Principles of Sanctification Principles of Sanctification
    Principles of Sanctification Principles of Sanctification
    Principles of Sanctification Principles of Sanctification
    Principles of Sanctification Principles of Sanctification
    Principles of Sanctification Principles of Sanctification

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