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It is voter masochism disguised as pragmatism, sexism disguised as common sense. David A. Even as these voters seem to acknowledge the seriousness of sexism, they wind up reinforcing it with their actions, reducing the likelihood that a woman could become president by asserting confidently that it is not possible. There is some empirical evidence to suggest that women have a harder time in races for executive positions than they do in elections to legislatures, and there is a good deal of evidence that women face uphill battles to attain positions that have not been held by women in the past.

But Vox reports that while data suggest that sexism was a factor in the race, it was not decisive.

And in , women who were not incumbents were more likely to win their midterm elections than any other kind of candidate. There is considerable evidence, too, that a progressive can win. Even if terms like socialism continue to garner disapproval from voters, particularly older ones, actual social-democratic policies are extremely popular.

Data for Progress national polling found high support for raising the minimum wage, higher support for Medicare for All, and overwhelming support for a job guarantee. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is historically unpopular.

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Why, then, do voters distrust one another so much, and how have progressives developed such a low opinion of their fellow Americans? The election made it impossible to ignore the divisions in the American electorate. Progressives, liberals, and those generally inclined to value pluralism and tolerance were genuinely surprised by the Trump victory, genuinely frightened and disgusted to learn that so many of their neighbors shared his racism and relished his cruelty. Many of them took from the lesson that the electorate is wildly conservative and deeply bigoted, and that to win, Democrats must be as indistinguishable from Republicans as possible: that their candidate must lean to the right, and that he must be a white man.

Read: Fear of a female president. This impulse has been encouraged by a Democratic Party that for decades has pivoted rightward, equivocated on its principles, and kept the passions of its base in check. Initially, it had many critics who couldn't believe that such a short article could present such a radical idea. The authors explain that emergency action to address climate change is not so much a radical idea as an indispensable course we must embark upon. Radical ideas on women's liberation were also pushed aside.


Quality, colour, spectacle, and radical ideas will be at a premium as will events that use new techniques and ways of creating exciting theatre. The public was sceptical of this new party for its leaders' inexperience in government and seemingly radical ideas.

Be Like Gough: 75 Radical Ideas To Transform Australia - IPA - The Voice For Freedom

Auclert proposed the then radical idea that there should be a marriage contract between spouses with separation of property. Some rare and radical ideas for keeping indigenous languages alive. At the time of its proposition, this was a relatively radical idea , as prior to then it was generally assumed that the typological categories were both discrete and desired forms. But, despite continuing to make proposals and fighting for the rest of his life, his radical ideas were never more than partly accepted.

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Blog When disaster strikes: ways of describing bad events November 20, Read More. New Words facial fingerprint. The Ebola virus is again terrorising an African nation. The current outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo DRC continues to spread after it first appeared 10 months ago. By mid-May, the number of cases was 1, confirmed and 88 probable.

In total, there were 1, deaths confirmed and 88 probable and people survived. That outbreak took more than 11, lives.

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This outbreak has garnered less global attention, partly because of some promising developments, most notably the experimental Ebola vaccine which has been given to more than , people. In addition, new experimental therapies are being used to treat infected patients. Some lessons have also been learned since the outbreak, which exploded in part because of a sluggish global response and the misallocation of funds.

All of this is good news. But the truth is that the current Ebola outbreak is still proving to be one of the most complex, deadly and unforgiving. Understanding why is important. Equally important is the need for leaders in charge of the response to adopt radical approaches to stop the outbreak. Some — such as incentivising community leaders with stipends or finding ways to draw rebel groups into the prevention net — have been tried elsewhere and should be replicated.

This time, Ebola is spreading in a war zone.

Being labeled a 'radical' is meant to be an insult. History tells us otherwise

Treating Ebola is complicated and involves risks even without the threat of violence. Attacks have become daily occurrences. Recently two of the Ebola treatment centres operated by Doctors Without Borders were attacked in the space of a week. And a doctor from the WHO was killed by armed militia.

Radical Ideas Radical Ideas
Radical Ideas Radical Ideas
Radical Ideas Radical Ideas
Radical Ideas Radical Ideas
Radical Ideas Radical Ideas
Radical Ideas Radical Ideas

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