Sensitivity Unveiled: Your Unrecognized Power

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What do you have planned for this Thanksgiving? Chilling out? Some turkey? There were two Hermes: the elder was the Trismegistus, and the second an emanation, or "permutation" of himself; the friend and instructor of Isis and Osiris. Hermes is the god of the priestly wisdom, like Mazeus.

Magnetic Exhalations

The Old Man, the Chief of the Adepts at the initiations, who explained the arcane knowledge to the neophytes, bore this title. In Hebrew and Chaldaic the term was Peter, or opener, discloser; hence, the Pope, as the successor of the hierophant of the ancient Mysteries, sits in the Pagan chair of "St. Men like Bruno, Galileo, and Kepler, therefore, and even Cagliostro, trespassed on the preserves of the Church, and were accordingly murdered. Every nation had its Mysteries and hierophants. Both are depicted as having visited Paradise. Aher took branches from the Tree of Knowledge, and so fell from the true Jewish religion.

Akiba came away in peace. The kabalist is a student of "secret science," one who interprets the hidden meaning of the Scriptures with the help of the symbolical Kabala, and explains the real one by these means. The Tanaim were the first kabalists among the Jews; they appeared at Jerusalem about the beginning of the third century before the Christian era.

Sensitivity Unveiled - Your unrecognized power

John, are purely kabalistical. This secret doctrine is identical with that of the Chaldeans, and includes at the same time much of the Persian wisdom, or "magic. Every lama is subject to the grand Taley-Lama, the Buddhist pope of Thibet, who holds his residence at Lha-ssa, and is a reincarnation of Buddha. The word is the root of the word magician. The Magians were priests of the fire-god; we find them among the Assyrians and Babylonians, as well as among the Persian fire-worshippers.

The three magi, also denominated kings, that are said to have made gifts of gold, incense, and myrrh to the infant Jesus, were fire-worshippers like the rest, and astrologers; for they saw his star. The high priest of the Parsis, at Surat, is called Mobed, others derived the word from Megh; Meh-ab signifying something grand and noble. Zoroaster's disciples were called Meghestom, according to Kleuker. Once the synonym of all that was honorable and reverent, of a possessor of learning and wisdom, it has become degraded into an epithet to designate one who is a pretender and a juggler; a charlatan, in short, or one who has "sold his soul to the Evil One"; who misuses his knowledge, and employs it for low and dangerous uses, according to the teachings of the clergy, and a mass of superstitious fools who believe the magician a sorcerer and an enchanter.

But Christians forget, apparently, that Moses was also a magician, and Daniel, " Master of the magicians, astrologers, Chaldeans, and soothsayers" Daniel, v. The word magician then, scientifically speaking, is derived from Magh, Mah, Hindu or Sanscrit Maha — great; a man well versed in the secret or esoteric knowledge; properly a Sacerdote. During this state was developed the gift of prophecy.

The two words are nearly synonymous. One was as honored as the other. Pythagoras and Plato held it in high esteem, and Socrates. The Montanists, who took their name from Montanus, a bishop of Phrygia, who was considered divinely inspired, rivalled with the manteis or prophets. There is a diversity of opinion as to the origin of the word Manticism. Cicero describes prophecy and mantic frenzy by saying that "in the inner recesses of the mind is divine prophecy hidden and confined, a divine impulse, which when it burns more vividly is called furor" frenzy, madness.

But there is still another etymology possible for the word mantis, and to which we doubt if the attention of the philologists was ever drawn. The mantic frenzy may, perchance, have a still earlier origin. The two sacrificial cups of the Soma-mystery used during the religious rites, and generally known as grahas, are respectively called Sukra and Manti.

Hence, ecstatic vision, clairvoyance, and the gift of prophecy. Both kinds of divination — the natural and the artificial — are aroused by the Soma. The Sukra- cup awakens that which is given to every man by nature. It unites both spirit and soul, and these, from their own nature and essence, which are divine, have a foreknowledge of future things, as dreams, unexpected visions, and presentiments, well prove.

The contents of the other cup, the manti, which "stirs the Brahma," put thereby the soul in communication not only with the minor gods — the well-informed but not omniscient spirits — but actually with the highest divine essence itself.

Sensitivity Unveiled: Your Unrecognized Power

The soul receives a direct illumination from the presence of its "god"; but as it is not allowed to remember certain things, well known only in heaven, the initiated person is generally seized with a kind of sacred frenzy, and upon recovering from it, only remembers that which is allowed to him. In its general sense, though, a mantra is either simply a prayer to the gods and powers of heaven, as taught by the Brahmanical books, and especially Manu, or else a magical charm.

How to Find Your Power as a Highly Sensitive Person [HSP Ultimate Guide]

It resides in the mantra, which literally means those parts of the sacred books which are considered as the Sruti, or direct divine revelation. Placed inside the small and only room of the tomb and several such public sarcophagi of brick and mortar may be seen to this day in the streets and squares of Cairo , the devotion of the wayfarers keeps a lamp ever burning at his head. The tombs of some of these marabuts have a great fame for the miracles they are alleged to perform. Stainton-Moses, of London. When the real nature of these apparitions is better comprehended, a still more appropriate name will doubtless be adopted.

To call them materialized spirits is inadmissible, for they are not spirits but animated portrait-statues. See Spiegel's Yasna, xl. They were the ancient Persian nobles who worshipped Ormazd, and, rejecting images, inspired the Jews with the same horror for every concrete representation of the Deity.

The Parsis and Ghebers geberim, mighty men, of Genesis vi. By a curious muddling of ideas, Zoro-Aster Zero , a circle, a son or priest, Aster, Ishtar, or Astarte — in Aryan dialect, a star , the title of the head of the Magians and fire-worshippers, or Surya-ishtara, the sun-worshipper, is often confounded in modern times with Zara-tustra, the reputed Mazdean apostle" Zoroaster. Symbolized and vulgarly believed to be rebirths in animal bodies.

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  4. Indian Witchcraft.

A term generally misunderstood by every class of European and. American society, including many scientists. The kabalistic axiom, "A stone becomes a plant, a plant an animal, an animal a man, a man a spirit, and a spirit a god," receives an explanation in Manu's Manava-Dharma-Sastra, and other Brahmanical books. They were observances, generally kept secret from the profane and uninitiated, in which were taught by dramatic representation and other methods, the origin of things, the nature of the human spirit, its relations to the body, and the method of its purification and restoration to higher life.

Physical science, medicine, the laws of music, divination, were all taught in the same manner. The Hippocratic oath was but a mystic obligation. Hippocrates was a priest of Asklepios, some of whose writings chanced to become public. We will treat of the Mysteries fully in the subsequent chapters.

Sensitivity Unveiled: Your Unrecognized Power Sensitivity Unveiled: Your Unrecognized Power
Sensitivity Unveiled: Your Unrecognized Power Sensitivity Unveiled: Your Unrecognized Power
Sensitivity Unveiled: Your Unrecognized Power Sensitivity Unveiled: Your Unrecognized Power
Sensitivity Unveiled: Your Unrecognized Power Sensitivity Unveiled: Your Unrecognized Power
Sensitivity Unveiled: Your Unrecognized Power Sensitivity Unveiled: Your Unrecognized Power

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