Tell me ... Now! Naughty or not!

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Tell me now naughty or not

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Could your winter blues be something more serious? By Sally - Silversurfer's Editor Jul 1, It was also once a popular way for nursery teachers to discipline misbehaving toddlers. Is the 'Naughty' label not nice? Naughty is an appropriate term to use Naughty gives negative connotations. Log in to comment You need to be logged in to interact with Silversurfers. Not a member?

Felix1 29th Oct This idea of the naughty step is good. Kids hate being sent out of room, better than the good hiding my dad gave me. Reply Flag as inappropriate. Missymoo 26th Jul What do you mean by "label" all children have a mischievous streak , not necessarily naughty!! CalgarySurfer 16th Jul I couldn't agree more. I've never been an advocate of treating children with less respect than I'd treat anyone else.

That being said, if they're acting out in a hostile manner, how would we deal with anyone else? For me the key is to engage negative behavior with an appropriately measured response that leads the person to their own conclusion about how to best behave. Leaving someone you are responsible for alone in a corner or a stairway isn't likely to be as effective at accomplishing this as positive and proactive engagement. Alicia 12th Jul If they are naughty tell them! More discipline is needed for children.

Tell me ... Now! Naughty or not! Tell me ... Now! Naughty or not!
Tell me ... Now! Naughty or not! Tell me ... Now! Naughty or not!
Tell me ... Now! Naughty or not! Tell me ... Now! Naughty or not!
Tell me ... Now! Naughty or not! Tell me ... Now! Naughty or not!
Tell me ... Now! Naughty or not! Tell me ... Now! Naughty or not!

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