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I'm from EU - and I was just a kid schoolboy in early 90s during which we still had 'record era' - and the price of dropped to very low and little by little - the records vanished and CDs came. Now, we have vinyl revival. I cannot afford the vinyls, the price jumped up - and CDs are, indeed, becoming very cheap - so I stick to the CD format. I occasionally buy used records at sales.

Still, I don't own a decent record player - so my records are put to archive, hopefully for future playing. Although I have a lot of stuff on my hard drive, I like to buy the CDs of my favourite performers - you get the nice case or box, pics etc - again, when I can afford it.

Of course, if I had a lot of cash, then I'd buy Japanese issues and things like that. And what the future will bring to CDs or take from that format - it is hard to tell. Location: Levittown. DK Pete , Jan 24, Location: Ann Arbor, MI. I don't know anyone who has ever seen CDs as anything but a convenient music delivery system, not an object worth owning like an LP. Many LPs are rare, desirable and expensive in NM condition because they are fragile and deteriorate with use. That rarely happens with CDs.

Does anyone care what the jewel case looks like? Buggyhair , Jan 24, Location: Between the known and the unknown First, there will be collectible CDs in the future. That you can count on as some content is "locked" to the format. Much of this forum's popularity is due to CD masterings that you can't find on streaming, which means there is interest beyond the sheer appeal of the music itself. I do think CDs will become less relevant when mainstream downloads and streaming migrate over to fully lossless Hi-rez sound quality. PhantomStranger , Jan 24, Location: right here.

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The Muffs Go to Barnes and Noble The Muffs Go to Barnes and Noble
The Muffs Go to Barnes and Noble The Muffs Go to Barnes and Noble
The Muffs Go to Barnes and Noble The Muffs Go to Barnes and Noble
The Muffs Go to Barnes and Noble The Muffs Go to Barnes and Noble
The Muffs Go to Barnes and Noble The Muffs Go to Barnes and Noble
The Muffs Go to Barnes and Noble The Muffs Go to Barnes and Noble

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